Believe In Your Sacred

learning to trust your 

loving path 

Background & Mission


My Story

Believe In Your Sacred started with a single intention: 'to be' more in the world. I felt a yearning to look deeper within myself and that required real time to get quiet and to listen. What started as a 6-month creative sabbatical has grown into an inspirational blog, a reiki healing practice, and a creative tool kit to help others to tap into their innate fire, joy and healing capacity. 



My goal is to remind you of your integral sacredness and to help you to realize your source of power. 


Why Am I Here?

Our path includes recognizing that where we are (at this very moment) is where we are asked to be. Trusting in divine timing takes acceptance and surrender and it is not an easy road NOR is it meant to be. I am here to help you recognize the DIVINE IN YOU by being instead of doing, and living with intention, inspiration, and purpose. 

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