Upcoming Workshop


Creativity as a Healing and Nourishing Practice - Saturday, February 22 5-7pm at MINKA Brooklyn

What is creative energy and how can it empower us to live more authentic lives? In this interactive workshop, we will explore your creative blocks, customize your personal creative practice and dispel myths around who has the right to create and be creative (Hint: we all do!). 

When we allow ourselves to be creative, we invite more fun, healing and freedom into our lives. If you’re ready to find ways to nourish and heal through creativity, please join me. Let's play! 

The class will include a meditation, discussion, group activities, and no-pressure directed creative time. By the end of the workshop, you will: 

  • Feel empowered with a new perspective about your own creative potential; 
  • Identify simple ways to play, nourish and heal your creative genius; 
  • Learn how to engage creatively in your living and working spaces; 
  • Gain the confidence to pursue a creative practice on your own time and with others; and 
  • Recognize the importance, purpose and direction of your creative drive. 


MINKA Brooklyn 

1120 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor

Brooklyn, NY 11225

2020 Moon Calendar


Rituals have a way of centering and putting our life priorities into focus. We have an innately powerful connection to the moon as she reflects our underside, the part of us that is often hidden from view: our emotions, fears, longings, and obsessions.  Each new moon, we have an opportunity to set intentions for the month ahead and every full moon, we can intentionally release what is no longer serving us. 

Ceremonies are open to everyone. If you feel called to join me in ritual, intention and sacred community, check out my new and full moon postings on IG @zhenia.valerie. DM me for location. 

Suggested donation: $10. 

Let’s co-create some high vibrations! 

Past Events


July 20, 2019+ - Tuning Forks Sound Training

During the weekend of 7/20 (Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm), I am hosting a private tuning fork sound training with Jarrod Mayer. The price is $350 per person. You must RSVP and pay in full prior to attending. There are only a handful of spots available (first come, first serve). 

If weather permits, we can have the training across the street in Prospect Park! 

Believe in Your Sacred & Be the Change Needed in the World.

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