Creative Living Is Self-Care

#Living Creatively Challenge


What started as an exercise in sef-reflection and creativity, became a dance with divine inspiration and gratitude. I noticed how creativity, literally, touched everything: cleaning, stretching, playing with my daughter, kindness and engaging in service. Click below to read mine and other participants more recent posts on Instagram. 

Customized Photobooks

photo books customize wedding baby birthday photos

One of my favorite creative hobbies is making customized photobooks. I've worked with the amazing photographer, Andrea Reese, for years and would recommend her in a heartbeat! Do you have wedding, birthday, or baby photos that you prefer in a colorful family emblem instead of scattered all over your smartphone? Let's set up a free consultation and create your special photobook. 

Toolbox of Self-Care


Self-care is a daily practice of showing up and loving all the parts of ourselves, especially those that not as easy to love. Journaling, listening to a guided meditation, a walk in the park or setting up positive affirmations around your home are seeds of love that will nurture you. With the intention toward growth & healing, feel free to start your own toolbox of self-care with some of these suggestions. 

Inspirational Resources


My journey has been blessed by incredible teachers who have helped me in many different ways. Here they are in book form, articles, podcasts, and affirmations. 

Q & A


Feel inspired to start your own creative practice but don't know where to begin? Let's set up a complimentary phone chat or email me at

Believe in Your Sacred & Be the Change Needed in the World.

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